R2 Magazine - Design & Typesetting

R2 Magazine is a long-established magazine providing reviews and news rock, roots, folk, world and other types of music. Pragmatic Design recently secured the contract to provide design and layout services. At the same time, the opportunity was also taken for a refresh of the design.

Volume 2, Issue 41 is the first of many issues which will be designed by Pragmatic Design. It's available in WH Smiths; selected HMV stores; independent music stores and newsagents and online.


  • Branding and logo design
  • Design for print

Design for print

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What our clients say

"Pragmatic Design have produced excellent work, with flawless service. A few days after going live we have had several unsolicited comments on the high quality of our site. They made time to visit us and listened carefully to our requirements. They followed our wishes as well as introducing excellent ideas of their own. It has been a pleasure to work with Pragmatic Design. I mean it all!" Roger Harper, Ladder Media Ltd